Holiday Dessert as a Personality Profile

This may be a little late for the holidays, but I eat these desserts throughout the year anyways. I don’t normally subscribe to the personality profile types of quizzes, but I kind of think a person’s favorite holiday dessert might say something about them. Let me explain.

My mother is known in our family for her pumpkin roll. She normally makes it at Thanksgiving and Christmas, and it is delicious. It’s the classic tast of pumpkin pie, plus delicious cream cheese frosting, rolled in the method of a swiss roll. Have I mentioned how good it is? Traditional flavors in a modern presentation. Also, I tried making it one time, and it certainly takes a LOT of practice!

I feel like that’s my mother in a nutshell, traditional but modern and she has practiced her crafts to the point of perfection. A master seamstress, dressmaker, upholsterer, cook, calligrapher. The list goes on, but I think you get the point.

My dad, also, is a bit traditional, though he has some modern tendencies as well. Exemplified in the french apple pie he loves so much. Compared to the classic american apple pie with a double crust, french apple pie has a crumbly topping. I have taken on making it every year for thanksgiving, and have found the secret is to use a ton of apples and stack it really high. 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is serving-slice-dutch-apple-pie-260nw-1072328183.jpg
Stock photo until I can find a photo of one I’ve made!

I have become known for a cake I make every Christmas. It is a cranberry orange version of a classic Victoria sponge, with an orange sponge, homemade cranberry jam filling, and orange cream cheese frosting. It is delicious, and I think it seems fancy and unique. It’s really very simple, a little orange zest in the cake, zest and juice in the frosting, and cranberries reduced in sugar until they’re slightly below setting temperature.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 20191224_135555-1.jpg

My husband’s favorite holiday desert is pecan pie. Classically Southern, expensive ingredients, but an easy-going dessert. It’s easy to make and doesn’t have complicated flavors. Unless you have a family or friend that has a pecan tree and will give you some, getting good Georgia pecans is kind of expensive. That certainly describes my husband; easy-going, Southern, and expensive taste.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is depositphotos_33302931-stock-photo-slice-of-pecan-pie.jpg
Stock photo until I can make a pecan pie and photograph the process!


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