Red Beans and Rice

Sofrito cooking base

Chicken bouillon or broth

Rice – I did the two measurement on my rice cooker

Red Kidney Beans (really any type of bean you want) – I used two cans

Bell peppers – I used two yellow

Sweet onion – I used one medium size

Smoked Sausage – I used eight from the Sunset Farms Brand (

I planned for this to last my husband and I for four meals, eight servings total, and it has worked out perfectly. Of course you can adjust to however much you need to make.

  1. I cooked the rice the day before with a spoonful of Sofrito and a little bit of chicken broth base. I keep a jar of broth base in the fridge constantly. It lasts longer than buying broth and can really elevate plain rice.
  2. Slice the sausage into discs or cubes, depending on personal preference. Saute sausage in a little butter in a large skillet. 
  3. Dice the bell pepper and onion, how much you use is up to personal preference, but it’s a good way to add some veggies to this meal. Add to the pan with the sausage once the sausage is browned enough for your liking. Saute until the bell pepper and onion are tender. You can add a little water and cover the pan to speed this process up. I also like to add salt and pepper at this point.
  4. Add the rice and beans to the pan and stir to combine everything. I normally add a little bit (maybe ½ – ¾ of a cup) and cover to let everything combine and warm through.
  5. If everyone likes hot sauce, you can add it to the pan. You can also just put a bottle of hot sauce on the table for whoever might want some.
I buy the large pack from Sam’s Club, then freeze them in freezer bags.
These two in rice are amazing!


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